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The classes offered at FWMG are performed by Dana Turner a licensed CPHW, CPSP Coordinator

Labor & Delivery

We have compiled the most useful information in two one hour classes, What to Expect in Labor, and Managing Your Labor.  You may choose to take either one or both classes.  These classes will explore the labor process and help you and your partner prepare for it.

What to Expect in Labor will include information on:

  • The signs and stages of labor

  • When to go to the hospital

  • Ways to avoid a Cesarean 

  • What to expect if you must have a Cesarean

  • Post-Partum and newborn care information


Managing your Labor will include the following:

  • Pain management

  • Labor support

  • Comfort tips for each stage

  • Positions to help promote labor


Breastfeeding Class

Successful breastfeeding begins with good education.  This class will focus on the fundamentals of successful nursing, and common mistakes to avoid.

This class will include information on the following:

  • Getting your baby to latch on successfully

  • Maintaining your milk supply

  • Tips for breastfeeding success

  • Breast Pumps and returning to work or school


Nutrition Class

Good nutrition promotes both mom and baby to be healthy. This class will teach you how to make custom meal plans to get the most our of your eating habits, as well as your budget, and includes the following:

  • Nutritional needs in pregnancy

  • Creating a meal plan

  • How to eat healthy on a budget

Car Seat

Child Car Seat Safety Class

Did you know that approximately 80% of child car seats are installed incorrectly or misused? This class will teach you the right way to protect your baby in a vehicle, and includes the following:

  • Explanation of the carious types of car seats

  • The proper installation and harness fit

  • Why accessories are not recommended

  • Other baby safety tips

If you would like to schedule for any of these classes, please call (559) 322-2900 ext. 2704 to speak to Dana directly.

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