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Maternity Care

Fresno Women’s Medical Group (FWMG) offers maternity care for healthy women and women who have complications of pregnancy. “Babies are our business!” We offer attendance at normal deliveries, trial of labor after cesarean section (TOLAC), and primary and repeat c-section.

The doctors all accept new and continuing pregnant patients.  After visiting our office, assigning you to a “team” is the next step; which consists of your doctor and mid-level provider. Usually, we are able to accommodate your request for an assignment to a particular doctor.

Your first pregnancy medical visit is with your team mid-level provider. That visit consists of confirming the pregnancy, taking a medical history, and a complete physical examination. It’s a good time to get a lot of questions answered! Your partner is welcome to come to this visit and any other visits during your pregnancy.

During your second medical visit, an early pregnancy ultrasound is performed to confirm the dating of your pregnancy.  She will review your lab work and any risk factors of your pregnancy, and together you will plan your care. Most often, you will see your team doctor and mid-level provider throughout most of your pregnancy.

If you have a serious medical risk or develop a serious complication of pregnancy, you may be referred to one of Fresno’s Perinatologists (high-risk pregnancy specialists) for a consultation and recommendation. We are fortunate to have a close relationship with these highly qualified specialists.

Our Call Group with 24/7 Care

Our doctors, or one of the other doctors in our call group, are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week in case of emergency. During office hours, you can reach a nurse-practitioner by phone every day for routine questions. We can always accommodate an urgent visit during office hours.

We offer a complete series of prepared childbirth classes, taught by an expert childbirth educator; Breastfeeding, nutrition, and car seat safety.

We attend deliveries at Community Medical Center Clovis.

Your pregnancy care includes hospital post-partum care, and one or more post-partum office visits for medical care, education, and family planning. 


About Our Call Group & Hospital Care

From the beginning, we have chosen to structure our “call group” differently than many other groups. We rotate duty at the hospital amongst ourselves. We try to be well-rested, happy, and present for the birth of your child. This call rotation does decrease the possibility of having your doctor at your delivery, but as you will see, it greatly improves the quality of care you will receive while in the hospital.

The doctor at the hospital does not need to run back and forth to the office, or to another hospital. The doctor can be more present for your care, and deal with emergent issues. This “hospitalist” type model allows you to labor the way you wish to, with no rushing to meet anyone’s schedule but your own.

Although our styles vary, we have one goal; to do our best to assist you in the best care you can get. We are honored that you have chosen us to care for you and your family.

Our Doctors

  • Sharon Kopacz, MD

  • Kanwer Dhami, MD

  • Julie Nicole, MD

  • Ana-Liza Pascual, MD

  • Victor Morales, MD

You Are In Good Hands


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